What do we want to achieve with Kofaya?

Friday May 24, 2024 - 4:50pm

We’re about more than just one thing… and when I say “we,” I mean Assantowa, Aisha, Vanessa, Jini, Prince, Rahel, Judith, Magdalena, Abigail, Kwame, Genevieve, Kwame and me – the core Kofaya team.

We want to create opportunities: giving people new chances through sharing knowledge, learning together, and passing that knowledge on. So, it’s not just about giving to others; it’s about creating big new opportunities for ourselves through learning. Like Asantewa, who’s just starting to learn how to use a laptop and make new bags, or Rahel, who’s now designing entirely on her own right after her training. Learning new things creates new possibilities and chances, even for our future trainees.

We want to make a good living with decent pay; that means not working 10-12 hours a day only to end up without enough money for fruit or a vacation. And earning well in Ghana can be really tough. That’s why we want to make sure our business relationships with Europeans are fair and on equal footing.

We want to sew beautiful clothes and sell them worldwide, representing our country and continent with pride. And with the success we achieve, we aim to strengthen our community, investing the money back into knowledge through our training center.

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