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Our Team has in total 10-11 Tailors, 10 Women, 1 Man; The man got a place in our women empowerment workshop because he was already teaching women, who wanted to attend our program and he is also an excellent tailor, who is an enrichment for the project.

Priscilla was working with Genevieve, the first tailor in this project, since 2018. She orderd tailord fashion for her privat use and also for her friends. Genevieve, whom Priscilla knows from a german friend sewed a lot of wonderful pieces for her. After some difficulties in the working relationship Priscilla did not want to leave this business relationship and the Idea for Kofaya was born. A training center for digital sellers, where the tailors learn more about the international market and on the same time get their chance to sell their own goods to Europe.


She is an ambitious social entrepreneur who recognises socio-educational needs in her area very well and is passionate about developing projects for them; a trained educator, social pedagogue, systemic consultant and diversity manager, she has spent the last 5 years building up the successful association we integrate, which currently hosts 15 projects and 45 volunteers. With this association, she has already won 2nd place in the Central Franconian Integration Prize 2021, the Nuremberg Integration Prize 2022 and the Culture Prize 2023 City of Nuremberg, among others.


She is a talented fashion designer and entrepreneur from Accra Ghana. She is involved in social projects and has also been part of a GIZ programme called “My Life, My Health, My Wealth”. She met Priscilla in Ghana in 2018 and quickly enjoyed working with her. She made customised garments for Priscilla and her friends using Ghanaian fabrics. Genevieve’s passion for design was evident from a young age. She had an innate ability to combine artistic expression with functionality and capture the essence of fashion and interior aesthetics.

Friends...without them, life is much harder! Thank you for your help!