Our Goals

The empowerment project pursues several goals, as the world’s problems are complex and cannot be solved easily.

The Kofaya project aims to help overcome the existing barriers and inequalities in business relations between Europe and Africa. It strives for a fairer and more sustainable trade relationship based on respect, equality and cultural exchange. By empowering tailors in Ghana to build and successfully market their own business relationships, the project will contribute to change and have a long-term impact on the economy and the empowerment of women in Ghana and a better awareness of prejudice for sellers in Nuremberg.

Enabling self-employment: The training courses give the tailors the expertise they need to build up their own business relationships and successfully market their collections. This enables them to act independently and improve their economic situation.

Breaking down prejudices and stereotypes: By showcasing African tailors’ unique designs and craftsmanship, the project helps to overcome prejudices and stereotypes about African products and entrepreneurs. It promotes cultural exchange and showcases the diversity and quality of African fashion.


Strengthening resources and skills: The project provides tailors with access to training and resources to help them optimise their business operations. This includes not only training in social media and social marketing, but also support in developing business strategies, financial management and other relevant areas.

Promoting partnerships and networking: The project promotes the development of business relationships and partnerships between tailors in Ghana and Europeans. Through the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources, the aim is to achieve sustainable cooperation on an equal footing.

Further Goals

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