Fighting the causes for flight in Ghana

the empowerment project for trailors in ghana

Unique second-hand fashion upcycled in Ghana and trainee to get tailors fit for the international fashion market. This is how social entrepreneurship works.

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The empowerment project Kofaya for tailors in Ghana supports Ghanaian women in the tailoring trade and promotes the development of business relationships at eye level with Europeans. The main goal is to provide the tailors with training in social media, social marketing, non-violent communication and business strategies to give them the necessary skills and knowledge to market their own collections in Europe and worldwide. The collections are based on the upcycling idea, combining European secondhand clothing with Ghanaian fabrics. The finished products are sold in Germany, which on the one hand generates income for the tailors and on the other hand can further support and finance the project.

Artsy Africa and Kofaya

Artsy Africa and Kofaya have joined in embarking on a remarkable journey to reshape Africa’s future through the transformative power of fashion and education. With each purchase, you become a catalyst for change, empowering individuals and opening doors to endless possibilities. Together, we are creating a movement that transcends boundaries and makes a lasting impact on communities. Be a part of something extraordinary and contribute to building a brighter Africa filled with hope, empowerment, and boundless potential. Together, we can create a legacy that inspires generations to come. Step forward and unleash your power to create positive change with Kofaya and Artsy Africa.

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