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Friday May 17, 2024 - 5:19pm

Copy of und bis bald

Waow, that’s a long story 🙂 I’m trying to be reasonably short….

Once upon a time…a committed, determined and very motivated Priscilla, who worked in Germany as a social worker, among other things. There she had already built up a very successful association and started a project that was essential for Nuremberg. She really gave herself up for this club and the people for whom it was supposed to be there, and therefore worked super hard … so really worked super hard … And why did she have to work so much? Because at the beginning there were no secure sources of financing for the we support project and, despite all efforts, there is still stable club financing (which made me terribly angry and sad …but well, I let go…and you have to know: emotions are my engine …anger, sadness, love give me insane energy, but woman also needs to know when it’s enough). When Priscilla realized that she was working hard and it was slow to get the money for a project coordination position and HER biggest WISH was to live and work in Ghana anyway since 2016, she and her entourage had been preparing for it since 2022!

You already know the story of how the idea came about 🙂 So here are a few more key facts about me, Priscilla: Born in Dortmund, grew up in Nuremberg (from 4-38) and then GHANA:) Both parents come from Ghana and I was 6, at 12 and then there every year since 2014. in 2016 I was looking for a job in a school for 2 months, because I always somehow knew that I wanted to move to Ghana, but I didn’t know if this was just a crazy idea. But no: it was not a crazy idea: it was the biggest gift I should get.

My (still ongoing) move to Ghana is liberating, exciting, self-evident and associated with a lot of growth for me!
Liberating, because I can finally be completely the Black Woman that I am, without being constantly addressed – because finally all the people around me look like me – because I feel welcomed, taken care of and cared for- because I don’t have to experience everyday racism – because…humor, fruits, music, dancing
Exciting: and yet I am European-German socialized and have to slow down in many things, get used to many things and get to know the traditions even better.

Of course: Growing up as a black child in a white society usually means first of all struggle: who am I, how am I here, who do I want to be, why do people treat me so funny?…That’s why it was a matter of course for me to leave Germany at some point and live in a country where people don’t treat me funny!

Growth: And learn a new business again! I tell you guys: not easy! And working so much again: not easy, but this time a little more moderate and above all with the goal of building a social business where I also earn money 😉 and doing something really good at the same time! I study every day – professionally and privately – and I appreciate that, but I also really value my rest periods. 

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