Asantewa lächelt in die Kamera und hat ein rotes Stirnband und einen roten Ohrring an; auf dem Bild steht in Petrol Schrift: Blog Post

I also live in the Aburi eastern region of Ghana and used to work at Aburi craft village. My husband is a tailor at the place so I sell water and other things at his shop to have a small own income. But since I`m a youngster I wanted to sew- so I decided to learn how to sew and my Husband thought me. One day Priscilla came to our shop and explained the Kofaya project she wants to do here. We told her that we are there to work with her and like I said by than I was learning the sewing from him. Priscilla said to me: “ my dear can you learn how to sew a inside- out bag and she encouraged me to learn the sewing of the Kofaya bags and also clothes. My Husband helped me to sew the things for Kofaya and i was using his Machine – so we had to take turns. The last crowdfunding through Kofaya helped me so I could get a own Kofaya machine to work with. Truly Kofaya has made me feel good in my life now I take care of myself fully and my family thanks ‘Kofaya’’ a lot.


And I got also the opportunity to learn more than sewing because Priscilla wanted me to help her with other things as a manager and she tries to explain everything to me. Now I learn how to handle the computer, typing and so on small small and I like it even if it was really scaring me from the beginning. Now I`m getting more self confident to work with the computer and I`m really happy. What I also love to work with Kofaya is to know I have a monthly income and I can support my daughter as much as I can.

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